Garage Doors Replacement: Remove existing garage doors, move old doors and trash inside garage into dumpster which we filled. Install new doors, track and remote lifts. 

finished doors and workers.jpg

Roof Replacement: During our initial interview/visit with Mike Roman he mentioned several items that were in much need of repair. At the top of the list was a new roof. There were several water spots/stains on the ceiling in several rooms from water leaks. Also in our external inspection we could see many lose and discolored shingles. After we submitted our request to PHH corporate office for approval we found out the Owens-Corning was again going to provide a new roof and have it installed at no cost to the home owner or Purple Heart Homes - Metro Atlanta Chapter 


Rotted Crawl Space Door:  Improved the safety and durability of the space.

crawlspace door - old.jpg
crawlspace door.jpg

Deck Replacement: Existing Deck was rotted and unsafe to even walk on. Also back of house had lots of algae growing on siding. Pressure-wash siding & replaced Deck 

deck work.jpg


Bathroom Tub & Floor: One of the top priorities was the bathroom tub which was split in the middle allowing water to drain out onto the floor below. Attempts to repair had failed. A bath was not possible. Also the floor around the tub was in danger of collapsing. The sink area which was separate and carpeted was also in need of repair. The Purple Hearts and Home Depot team removed the old tub, toilet, vanity, sink and carpet plus part of the subfloor. New subflooring was installed before a walk-in shower, toilet, vanity, sink, faucets, towel racks, grab bars, mirror and light fixture were installed along with a new tile floor throughout for a 
complete new bathroom. 

bath floor.jpg

Kitchen Area and Other Repairs: The kitchen area only had a subfloor. New tile was installed, doors and trim were painted and new door framing and baseboards were installed where missing. A new light fixture to brighten the room was also installed. Laundry area received tile flooring also and a completely stopped up dryer vent was cleared for more efficient use of the dryer. We also replaced the door to the unfinished upstairs that was falling apart with a weather rated door to eliminate heat and AC loss. We also added a handrail on the stairs. They had a window AC unit in their bedroom to survive the summer heat. We removed the old system and installed a new central Heating and AC system thanks to Home Depot pricing on the unit and Tony's crew (owner of Emperor HVAC) stepping in and doing the work below cost. 

kitchen floor.jpg
AC unit.jpg
heating and cooling unit.jpg